Our Facilities

Global Distribution & Warehousing operates in a, 500,000 square foot, Food-Grade Packaging, warehouse facility located centrally near major thru ways in the Greater Toronto Area. Global Distribution & Warehousing is in an ideal location among one of the fastest growing industrial areas in Canada, and makes Global Distribution & Warehousing an ideal partner for your 3rd party logistics and distribution needs.

Indoor Facilities

Global’s 500,000 square foot, Food-Grade Packaging, warehouse has 30 foot ceilings, 36 roll-up bay doors and two drive-in ground-level loading doors. The facility is equipped with video-surveillance, access control system and WiFi access points throughout the warehouse for RF scanners. At Global, we pride ourselves on having an extremely clean and organized work environment. Our Food-Grade Packaging warehouse is perfect for storage of your products, from packaging materials to retail goods to heavy equipment.