Pick and Pack Services

Global Distribution provides pick and pack services geared towards meeting the stringent needs of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. By effectively implementing and integrating cross dock, flow-through and pick-from-bulk on-arrival systems, double handling is reduced, resulting in a more efficient flow of goods to your customers and increased savings throughout the supply chain. Global performs these services on behalf of its clients, eliminating the need for the high labour costs associated with order fulfillment.

Cost Savings

The cost savings of outsourcing your pick and pack services may provide significant advantages to your business. Global Distribution and Warehousing can help you do a cost/ benefit analysis to determine the optimal solution for your requirements. In-house solutions typically require warehouse space, material handling equipment, workplace safety compliance and of course, labour. The sporadic nature of pick and pack/re-work projects can also represent surplus in-house labour for many firms. Global’s ability to cross-utilize its staff means that clients are not paying for downtimes associated with their business. This can represent significant savings to our customers. Global can handle the logistics of picking, packing and shipping and combined with our other services provide a customized cost savings solution for you.


Global specializes in warehousing services in Toronto, inventory, shipping, receiving and other services, and our priority is servicing our client needs with the utmost satisfaction. We continue to manage over 500,000 square feet of warehouse to accommodate the multi-faceted needs of our clients. Global will manage your inventory and its associated workflow quickly and without incident regardless of your needs. Quality control is vital and Global has metrics in place to ensure that your needs and benchmarks are met.


As outsourcing your pick and pack services to Global increases your ability to service your customer needs, it provides the flexibility of expansion/contraction of warehouse space that best reflects your monthly requirements, enabling you to reduce overhead costs.